December 28, 2007

My boss is a monster or possibly the devil

How is it possible for a person to completely contradict 10 different things they have told you over the course of 11 weeks in a matter of five minutes? This literally just happened to me.

My boss has to be possessed by a demon. It's the only possibility.

For nearly three months I've been working for her. But for the first time I realize that her dementia isn't her fault. No. She is most certainly haunted or maybe touched by the angels, or maybe haunted by a demon that has been touched by the angels.

I can't take it anymore. There is no way that I can work like this. The most training I received here has been 4 hours of mandatory building safety training. Not a lick of job-specific training. Instead, in my first job since graduation, I've been asked to "feel it out" which has been accompanied by semi-monthly sessions of my boss giving me 15 reasons that she is better at this job than I am.


Good thing I'm going away until Wednesday. Happy New Year.


luckyhole said...

How much is "Several"?

Thanks for the link, although it's dot org :-\

Also, this is the exact treatment I get at my job, too. Grill my ass on things I've never been taught. Welcome to the work force, sonny.