January 3, 2008

2007 went out with a bang Part 3 of 4: Sunday

Sunday ended up being your average Sunday. Wake up with a nice huge headache and an equally huge hangover. Take aspirin. Drink water. Get humped by Karl's bitch (how or why a female dog would choose to hump a person is still beyond me).

Then of course, watch football. Sundays between September and January are holy days to me. Somehow I have been able to use the excuse, "I have to watch football," to avoid doing so many things that were supposed to happen on Sundays. Birthday parties, day trips, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs.

In one game I saw, the Eagles handily beat the Bills.

The other game was, at one point in the past year, a potentially huge week 17 rematch of the 2006 NFC Championship. Unfortunately, the Saints and Bears had massively disappointing seasons. I think the Bears beat the Saints. Or maybe the Saints beat the Bears. Or maybe who gives a fuck about that game.

Later we headed to Malvern, PA, supposedly a suburb of Philly, to Mosh's house. House isn't even the word to use. Castle is more like it. Luckily, we had missed all of the important games of the day during the car ride. We got to Mosh's and played Rock Band for a while. Rock Band is quite possibly the sweetest video game ever. Guitar Hero meets Bass Hero meets Singing Hero meets Drums Hero. So fun.

Chris's parentals were nice enough to invite us along to dinner with their whole family (about 12 of us in all). The restaurant was BYOB so I got semi-wasted on Sam Adams and merlot. I ate the veal and said weird things to Mosh's youngest brother Rob (senior in high school) and his girlfriend. I'm sure they thought I was hilarious.

The night ended with more Rock Band, a little Scene It dominated by Karl, Mosh and myself thanks to the clutch, last-second Pay It Forward response (that movie was terrible), and the first 40 minutes of Superbad at which point everyone passed out until we all woke up without headaches.