January 13, 2008

The best diner in Vernon

The procedings at Vernon Diner on Saturday night/ Sunday morning have listlessly come back to me. I remember seeing AJ Fournier and Adam Hinckley leave and get in their car which was immediately ceased by the FBI. AJ's head was savagely ripped off by a renegade officer wielding a spiked club/bat of some sort. The whole occurrence seemed completely vicious yet subtly conventional. What was equally vicious was the waitress's handling of our table: spitting in Fred's face and spilling water all over my crotch hardly seem like a proper way to treat customers.

I'm totally shocked that the Chargers upset the Colts this afternoon. I have a hunch that in the Cowboys - Giants game, Michael Strahan will decapitate Tony Romo is a correspondingly bestial manner. More on this weekend's games to come.