January 7, 2008

Gaints vs. Bucs

I got to go to the Giants-Bucs game Sunday in Tampa, FL. It was my first time visiting Tampa, and could very well be my last, unless my dad decides to move there.

More or less, it's a pretty boring place. Lots of unused space. No downtown area. But I did see about 10 strip clubs. Also, I was expecting to see many more hot girls there.

Giants won 24-14. I got pretty wasted during the game.

We flew home today. I saw a girl who has the same birthday as me in the airport terminal on the way home. She was taking the same flight as me, but I didn't see her on the plane, interestingly enough.

I miss the warm weather.


luckyhole said...

Birthday T-Shirts?
Ticket line-up Caucus-style by Birthdate?