January 21, 2008

Gotta have faith

Right now the worst song ever is stuck in my head.

Faith by Limp Bizkit/George Michael. Ugh.

I'm not sure why. I haven't heard it recently at all. Also, I was internalizing a Backstreet Boys song earlier. What the fuck? I want to drill a hole in my head like the ending of the movie Pi so that I can get this rubbish out of my brain.

Also, Fred Durst's beard is a little healthier than mine after 2 weeks.


luckyhole said...

Captain Greybeard is the Zodiac killer. Jay Buhner.

Vinnie said...

Is that not actually Fred Durst?

Science Diction said...

you don't remember singing this at poorhouse do you sucka...
don't hate on g michael to hard tho

worst fred in all of history, perhaps.

but is your beard really 2 years=weeks old?

Vinnie said...

When did I sing it at Pour House? And yes, last shave was 2 weeks ago Monday. I want the pics from Knerr.