January 17, 2008

The Great Beard Pact of 2008

Can anyone tell me what I was thinking when I agreed to let my beard grow for as long as Dan lets his? Honestly. I'm not even sure that Dan can grow facial hair. Now I'm in for a few weeks of looking like trash and having a really itchy chin. GREAT! (Any suggestions on hilarious facial hair styles I could shave into my face after the pact has been achieved?)

It's ironic that I just read this article on Snarfd.com about how fashionable beards are. Conan and David look so classy with beards, and I'm starting to think if I let it go long enough, I could pull it off.

Once upon a time there was another equally epic and ridiculous contest between me and Danny. It was the T-shirt contest. The rules were that we had to come to school with all the shirts on. No shirts could be put on in the parking lot. The whole thing was a hilarious spectacle. Look at the group of people in the library that morning watching us.

The final score was:

Dan-30 something; Me-5 less than Dan

Deep down inside I know this beard pact is a way of getting revenge for that humiliating defeat.


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