January 24, 2008

Kids, the movie

Let me just start by saying it took me far too long to see Kids, and it was great, but now I feel totally violated. Kids is a story, shot mostly like a documentary, about teenagers growing up in New York City. They drink. They smoke ciggypoos and dope. They steal. They have and talk about sex. They break into pools. They beat up other kids. And these seem to be the only things that interest them. Their parents are in the dark about what their kids are doing, and the kids are uninterested in what adults think or say. They act as if they are in their own world, and the camera rarely strays from them to show images of adults.

Really, I feel terrible about what's happening to these kids. Their lives are headed nowhere. Fast. Telly, who is possibly the sleeziest character I've ever seen, has only one interest, fucking. Trouble is he has HIV. God I wish I could just get this movie out of my head. It is seriously depressing me. AGH!

The characters, the writing and the directing make the experience very genuine. From what I've read, most of the cast were not actors but just kids who actually live this way and the film was written by an 18-year old kid.

Everyone should probably see this. The shock value is extremely high, and I think that's the point. You should definitely see this.


Dabiv Dagis said...

See "Bully", the other, better Larry Clark isht