January 12, 2008


First off, I've found out that people are actually reading this site. That makes me feel really warm in my nether regions and Antoine's Sweaty Abyss. As long as I know you guys are reading and posting comments I will keep updating daily or semi-daily or Jeff Daley.

Have you ever gone out for dinner only to find that the restaurant was having karaoke night starring a bunch of little kids singing songs they've never heard, using some bullshit Chinatown Karaoke DVD game with hilarious MIDI songs? So you know what I'm talking about then. Weird, right?Let me give you a piece of advice: DO NOT GO TO MOMO-TARO ON A FRIDAY NIGHT!

I've never had a more awkward dinner. We're there about 10 minutes when we realize what we're in for. First a kid attempted to karaoke to I Love Rock & Roll, and when I say singing, I mean reading the words on the screen while changing his inflection. Not to mention with all the reverb on the mic he sounded more like a chorus of dying/dead children.

Later on in the night, a little before Boivin and Nikki showed up I told the waitress that if they came, I would take a big sushi knife and cut their throats, accompanied by me doing the throat-slash signal.

The little old Asian lady thought it was so funny, and when they showed up she said, "They here! They here!," to me.

I don't remember what else happened, not because I was drunk but because it was relatively uneventful (but still fun), except Dan and John took turns shooting each other and we went to Vernon Diner where I saw A.J. Fournier and Adam Hinckley.

Playoff football today. Thank goat!