January 14, 2008

NFL playoffs: Last second magic?

My god the playoffs have been so good up to this point. I live for a game that ends with a last minute defensive stop almost as much as I love a game that ends with a last minute, go-ahead score.

And speaking of which, I feel like we're due for some first-rate, last second magic this year. I'm talking about some insane, Music City Miracle shit. Anyone remember "The Catch II" when Terrell Owens caught that last second touchdown pass from a bumbling, stumbling Steve Young? I just saw that the other day on NFL's Greatest Games. Young dropped back to pass with 8 seconds left, tripped over his feet and nearly hit the deck, gathered himself, and fired a bullet to T.O. in the front of the end zone for the win.

Brett Favre has proved he has some magic left in that arm of his. I wouldn't doubt that we could see, in what appears to be the likely Super Bowl match of Green Bay and New England, either team take the lead with under a minute left, only to be out done by the other team's Hall of Fame QB.

Got any predictions on the conference championships? Right now the spreads are:

NEW ENGLAND vs. San Diego (+14.5)
GREEN BAY vs. New York Giants (+6.5)

Who ya got?