January 20, 2008

A night in Boston

Me, Scott, Rinaldi, Karl, and Sigal got to Boston around 10:00 after a ridiculous car ride (and thanks to Scott, I didn't have to take a bus there, because as he informed me, I could just get a one-way ticket the next day). I always love road trips with those guys because everyone besides the driver likes to drink in the car on the way, and there is always stupidly funny conversation, mostly involving quoting TV shows or movies. Never a dull moment.

We found Patisteas wandering around some street, and then Rossi showed up, seemingly out of nowhere. I had already had 6 beers by this point. Patisteas made Sigal run all the way to Rossi's house (there wasn't room in the car for them) and when they showed up Sigal kept saying that he was gonna puke.

He didn't puke, but his skin was so pale/green, I thought he did.

Then we went out to some little bar called O'leary's and then over towards Fenway to Cask N' Flagon and Beerworks. Surprisingly none of the bars were very crowded but that didn't stop anyone from getting bombed. Eventually we all stumbled our ways back to Rossi's. Karl busted his ass along the way and I think I picked up a chunk of ice/snow and slammed it on his chest.

Someone (probably Sigal) decided it would be a good idea to wake everyone up at 11, except that everyone was still drunk when we woke up. At least I was. We went for lunch to some Cluck-U wannabe joint called Wings and ate way too much disgusting fried food. Karl and I were talking about how we should always bring hats for morning like this. I looked and felt disgusting. My hair was greasy, and I had this retarded beard.

I was unbelievably dehydrated.

At one point I looked out the window, and wouldn't you know it, Liz Gunn and Rini were standing there waving to us.

We went back to Rossi's and put on Superbad. Kim, Rossi's girlfriend said it would take an hour to get to the bus station so I left. It took about 30 minutes. I felt like shit all the way there and though I would throw up at least once. I didn't

When I finally got to the bus terminal, I tried making conversation with this girl about whatever, but looked and felt too shitty to carry on. At one point on the bus, A girl in the second row was reprimanded by the bus driver about talking on her phone (she was fucking annoying). The hilarious part was that he got on the intercom to ask her to stop, even though she was two rows back.

At Worcester a couple dudes got on the bus and were talking about getting the party poppin as soon as they got there and getting some Heinekens or some Coronas. One guy said he refused to drink Heineken Premium Light, and also that he would be getting some Hennessey.

Then I got home, and the story ended.