January 10, 2008

Nothing's new

Recently I've been carpooling with this Chinese fellow named Ray who works at Watson. He lives in Glastonbury, and clearly feels an obligation to yap my ear off the whole time. I don't mind too much, but I'd rather just listen to my iPod. Today he said I should move to Japan or China at least 6 months because Asian women love white men and it would be easy to get laid.

Speaking of Asia, I read about Nasubi, the Japanese TV star who was trapped in an apartment with no food or entertainment, and had to survive by winning things from magazine contests. The whole thing was shown on national television and eventually a live, 24-hour internet feed was set up. It is pretty hilarious, although totally retarded.

He was also forced to be nude.

I found this amazing Jeopardy! website which archives probably about 70-80% of Jeopardy episodes. Every clue and responses, including incorrect answers, which contestant answered, the order the questions were picked in and even most of Alex's stupid remarks.