January 20, 2008

Prostutes, Drugs, and Guns

25 Years, What A Blur!

First off, Happy Bearsday to John Cuadras. We knew you could do it.

John's family had a surprise party for him Saturday night, which was lovely. At the end of the night, John's parents put together some John Cuadras trivia. So funny. John's dad was walking around with a Mike saying, "Are you Catholic?" while swinging the microphone like a priest with the Holy Water thingy.

The Dan got on the mic to give a speech. He clearly hadn;t prepared anything, and was mostly saying "25! Whoo!" At the end though, he had a great rant. Allow me to paraphrase:

"John. We're gonna go out tonight. Gonna get some prostitutes, gonna get some guns. We're gonna get drunk. We're gonna get high. YEAH! Let's do it!"

It was hysterical. Hopefully Chris Knerr has some pictures I can put up.

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