January 25, 2008

Ranking the grad schools

I've completed applications for 11 of the 14 schools that I'm applying to. I'm going to enroll in a doctorate program in chemistry. Someday you may have to call me Dr. Vinnie (Boombatz).
During this process, I've been thinking that 14 schools is too many, but my grades in college, although not awful, are not stellar either. A solid 3.0 overall and in chemistry. I think 3.0 in chem put me right in middle of the group of 7 chemists that I graduated with. The best one is a grad student at Yale. If I get into 3 or 4 schools, I'll be happy. If I get into just one, I'll still be happy. As long as that one isn't UCONN.

And just for the record, doctorate programs are basically paid for through teaching or research assistantships. No tuition plus $20-25K per year plus health insurance. Add those up and it's like having a $50K a year job.

I'm applying to these schools in general order of preference (links to photos of the team's mascot):

U of Florida
U of Oregon
U of Georgia
U of Tennessee
Arizona State
U of Colorado
Georgia Tech
U of Wisconsin
Michigan State
U of Indiana

Basically I want to go somewhere warm that is not in the Northeast. I'm sick of you, Northeast and your cold winters and your liberal views and your what not. I also want to live somewhere cheap and I want a school with good athletics. All of these schools have decent followings for their football and basketball programs.

Once I get in at some places (If I get accepted to more than one university) I'll place much heavier consideration on the chemistry program and possible faculty advisers.

Working sucks. School is better. All you youngsters out there remember that.


Anonymous said...

i am applying at u colorado too! it is gorgeous out there.