January 7, 2008

Should I move to LA

Background: I work in West Haven, CT right now as a chemist. I'm only a temp. My contract is 6 months (I started in October) and there is a possibility I could be hired as a full-time employee in April. I'm planning on attending grad school in August of '08.

If I opt to not stay on as a full time employee at my current job that leaves me with 3-4 months of free time. I'm contemplating the following options:

1) Road Trip. A few weeks to a month. Visit major cities in the US.

2) Move to Los Angeles. Stay with my aspiring actor friend Max. Get a bullshit job. Shmooze around LA for a while.

I'm not sure what I want to do. I have a few months to think about it and I definitely don't want to sit around at home during that time.

Any suggestions?