January 26, 2008

Tennis players must love God

Have you ever watched tennis? OK probably not. Well just to give a brief background, tennis is a sport that was created by Welsh farmers in the 16th century that were trying to herd sheep.

But, what I really want to talk about is that inevitable moment at the end of a match, usually the finals of a tournament. You know where I'm going. Immediately after the last point, the victor, in a moment of pure bliss and happiness drops to his knees and screams/ cries/ masturbates.

Andre Agassi probbaly thinking about how much he loves Canon cameras

Bjorn Borg

Maria SharpovaMaria again, for good measure.

I mean, it seems to happen at the end of every tournament, Grand Slam or otherwise. Is there a rule I don't know about? I just happened to see the highlights from the Australian Open final on Sports Center and needed to ask the question.

I think if I were in such a position, I would maybe lay down and make a snow angel or something. Or maybe I'll just start dropping to my knees in celebration at inappropriate times, like after checking out at the grocery store, or after getting the mail.