January 31, 2008

When "moments" are not actually moments

Some mornings before I leave for work I pop on ESPN2 to watch Mike and Mike for about 10 minutes. I used to listen to them much more, but slowly became totally fed up with their, as Jeff put it, forced chemistry. Not to mention they are both idiots.

This morning they were doing a countdown list of the Top 25 Super Bowl Moments. These two love talking about lists because it makes them feel like real sports experts. So they're going through number 6-10. Scott Norwood missed that field goal. Jackie Smith dropped the EASY TD pass in the endzone. John Elway's helicopter manuever.

And then they get to "John Riggins rushes for 166 yards." OK, the first three I mentioned were moments. Plays. This one was over the course of an entire game. And it made me realize that whoever's writing this shit for ESPN has mushed bananas for brains.

Saying John Riggins rushing for 166 yards is one of the great Super Bowl moments is like me saying Kindergarten was the greatest moment of my life. I understand that 'moment' can mean many things. But let's be serious here.

Something else that pisses me off in much the same way is on Sundays or Mondays or whatever day, when Chris Berman does his Top 10 plays. Half of the "plays" are entire games, and he just sits there and screams "WHAAP" in a pitch that no man should be able to reach.

I'm sick and tired of ESPN. Most of their programming is horrible. If there were other options I'd probably explore them, but I can't deal with the piss poor video quality of Fox Sports Network. Just wait til the day that ESPN has the rights to the Super Bowl! It's not enough that they took MNF. In reality, it's no better than the NFL Network, except that most households already have cable and thus ESPN.


Anonymous said...

I think the moment they referred to was when Riggins shed the tackler on his way to the end zone. Get the poop out of your ears and listen next time, junior.