January 29, 2008

Why the Giants will beat the Pats

M-O-M-E-N-T-U-M. The Giants have it. If I had to name two NFC teams that I thought had a chance of beating the Pats before the playoffs started, I would've said Dallas and Green Bay. Guess what. The Giants just beat them both back-to-back.

So far no one I know has said they thought the Giants have any chance of winning Super Bowl XLII. As a matter of fact, Boivin said with full conviction that no only do they not have a chance, but they are going to get blown out. I disagree.

On paper, New England is no doubt the best team. Best QB, best WR core, 4th ranked defense, arguably the best coaching, and a beast of a RB. No question there. They're 18-0, he first team ever to start a season that way, and probably one of the three best teams in the history of the NFL.

But the game is played on the field.

It's just plain stupid that the Pats are favored by 12 points.

The G-Men have all the components that a team needs to win a Super Bowl, but more importantly, to beat the Patriots: A killer pass rush anchors a defense that has been playing so tight. A terrific running game featuring the biggest, bruisingest RB in the NFL and a speedy, home-run hitting rookie. Receivers that have taken advantage of some of the NFL's best pass coverages.

And Eli's been playing pretty well too.

There's a good chance I'll end up eating these words, but there's a good chance that I'll be right too. And although it doesn't really matter, I'm always glad when I see on the Bottom Line on ESPN that only 59.5% of "Sports Nation" thinks the Patriots will win.


science diction said...

aren't you an Eagles fan?
stop sucking NFC East dick and get real. All the Giants have is momentum...that's it.

Besides don't you know they plan these things years in advance- it's scripted! Pats will go 19-0 to boost football, but there will be suspense. Why do think there are always so many questionable calls? ha. C'mon there is too much money involved. RIGGED

Anonymous said...

momentum= 18 wins in a row

and the giants have no advantage at any position in the game.

giants will make it a game, but patriots do not lose these games, especially not this one.

i can also say i've never been this excited for a football game in my life

pats 24 giants 14

Vinnie said...

I mean it is true that ALL the calls will be going New England's way.

As for not having any advantages, I've already said that, and every analyst seems to agree, but they're going to play the game anyways instead of just giving the Patriots the Lombardi trophy.

Giants are at their absolute peak right now. Patriots have seemed stagnant more or less.

Giants 38 Pat 35

Anonymous said...

The Giants at their absolute peak against a horrid TB offense, a flat Dallas team- I'll give you the Green Bay game, but playing the PAtriots is a different story.

The Patriots will line up no backfield no huddle first drive and attack the Giants secondary. This will work.

The Patriots will make some stops in the red zone and hold the Giants to field goals.

You will be saying Kevin Faulk and Junior Seau's names on Monday for making multiple huge plays.

2 weeks for Belichick= defeat

Pats 24 Giants 14

Anonymous said...

And the Patriots were missing half of their blockers in the reg season game (Kaczur, Neal, Kyle Brady)- they're all playing now.

The Giants don't have to play a perfect game, they have to play a perfect 4th quarter. If that happens they have a very good chance of winning.

tjathletics said...

wow anonymous was so right... he probably smells

18-1= choke... thats whats up

Anonymous said...

giants deserved to win

i never thought id say this but the patriots got too cocky

thought they had it though for a few minutes

belichick may be a sore loser but at least i admit that the patriots got outplayed.

go celtics

tjathletics said...

vin im gonna throw this out there... you think bellichek should be fined for leaving the field early? Clearly the refs were telling him the game wasnt over.

what are your thoughts

Vinnie said...

That whole fiasco totally ruined the moment. Bellichick should be fined for having such big titties. Arlen Specter will serve justice like only Pennsylvanians know how...Demolition Derby.

Anonymous said...

specter can go suck off comcast some more, biggest bullshit ive ever seen.

and that fat shit jon tomase (guy from boston newspaper who broke the rams taping story) just committed career suicide. he'll never have a job in boston again.

but truth be told the patriots jinxed themselves, copyrighting 19-0 and all that. just plain stupid. boston should know better.

i may have also discovered a way to sneak into celtics playoff games, if anyone is interested