February 18, 2008

Charles Barkley...sigh...

I am a huge Charles Barkley fan as in, I think he's hilariously dumb. I just watched this video on YouTube where he is interviewed by CNN about politics.

WTF? Why the hell is anyone interested in his opinion on anything other than basketball or food. Complete video is below followed by my favorite retarded moments.

"I'm rich like a Republican. I've never voted for a Republican. I'm actually an Independent. I supported John Edwards last time."

"Whoever the president is, he's gonna have tons of advisers. It ain't like the president get to make decisions on his own."

"The word 'conservative' makes me stick to my stomach."

"I'm gonna vote Democratic no matter what!"

Charles: I promise you I will run for Governor of Alabama in 2014.
Wolf: And when will you run for Governor?
Charles: Explains rules for being governor of Alabama

"They're not supposed to judge people but their the most hypcritical judge o' people we have in this country, and it bugs the hell outta me..."

"They can't do anything to me. I don't work for them."

They should read the part about where they're not supposed to judge other people."