February 18, 2008


It's sad how racist America is, even after all of the trials and tribulations of our country's history. Crash is a movie that emphasizes this, but shows us that with every day we grow a little more as people.

The movie details the lives of numerous people over the course of 36 hours in Los Angeles. A District Attorney and his wife, the trigger-happy LAPD, two carjackers, a convenience store owner, a locksmith, a movie director, their families, and the racial injustices they each face on account of one another. Paul Haggis' direction is really marvelous. He molds each character into full-fleshed human beings from racists and criminals, so mush so that you end up caring about each one of them just as much as the other.

The first day sets up the importance or visibility of race in L.A. Many of the characters appear to be defined by their race. In many cases it seems like these characters' race defines them more than any other aspect of their lives.

At some point during the second day it appears that there is an attempt to turn over a new leaf. Some of them appear to be ready to pay reparations in a way for what they've done wrong. Each character goes through something very personal which is why each person undergoes this transformation.

But just when it appears that all is going to end well, many of them return to their old habits, very much like a battle with an addiction. And it's upsetting because, well, racisim is upsetting.

Somewhere on Netflix someone wrote that the ending is climactic. It isn't. At the end we get the sense that not everyone has changed but we are left with hope. Hope that tomorrow will be a better day for the people in this country. Hope that we can eventually all live together in peace.

Oh almost forgot. Tony Danza makes an epic cameo. Relatively.


Dabiv said...

Terence Howard is a failure to his race.

Vinnie said...

Is Ludacris supposed to be his brother? I only think that because of the last thing Cameron says to him, something like you're a disgrace to me.

Anonymous said...

he's talking about ludacris being a disgrace to the black race