February 17, 2008

All-Star Festivities

Fred just told me he thought the Dunk Contest was lame. WHAT?!

Unfortunately this video didn't even show the best dunk, where Howard caught tapped the ball off the backboard with his left hand then dunked it with his right.

Jason Kapono won the 3-point contest. As someone wrote on a message board on ESPN, he'll probably keep playing 10 minutes a game.

I watched about 10 minutes total of the actual game, because Breaking Bad, my new favorite show was on (Sundays 10:00, AMC). I read that LeBron James was MVP. Lame. This is what happens when you let people vote for this stuff. They probably could've just given him the trophy at the beginning of the season.

Anyways, just 30 more games before the NBA is interesting again.


Vinnie said...

I jumped to conclusions. LeBron clearly was MVP. shoulda done my research.

Anonymous said...

ray allen had 28 points, 5-8 from 3pt, 4 in a row, 14 pts in 4th quarter. he should have been MVP.

Vinnie said...

Eh, Allen had a hot hand (which he often does) which is what accounted for his 28 points. What else did he really do? LeBron pretty much dominated. 27-9-8.