February 12, 2008

ESPN, you make my heart cry

Maybe I should've known what I was getting when I decided to rent The Bronx is Burning on Netflix. Has ESPN ever made a worthwhile TV show? Of course not, although Archer will try to convince you that Playmakers was good (haven't seen it yet). But then again, who wouldn't love a show where the main character is a pain-killer-addicted Omar Gooding. Yes Omar Gooding from Wild and Crazy Kids.
Really the only reason I liked The Bronx is Burning is because it was about the Yankees. Other than that, the show was trash. 8 episodes is too little time to cram that whole year into, especially when way too much time is being spent on Son of Sam and NYC mayoral elections. I was so happy when they finally caught David Berkowitz, because it meant that some air time would actually be devoted to the 1977 baseball season.

What really upset me, which I know is classic ESPN fashion, was the hideous use of authentic footage at all the wrong times. It's OK when you are showing scenes of people looting stores during the blackout of 1977, but it's not OK when you want to put Daniel Sunjata (as Reggie Jackson) on top of scenes of fans in the stands. It made the whole thing look a lot less authentic. Which leads me to my next point. Why were there some moments when it appeared that the video editor had used Microsoft Movie Maker in order to [poorly] make the video quality look old and worn, and other times when the quality looked like The Revenge of the Sith, THX Lucasfilm shit? Bush League.
The show is about the tumultuous bizarro love triangle of Billy Martin, Reggie Jackson, and George Steinbrenner. Unfortunately, none of the other team members were developed enough. There were many hints at possible side-plots, but none of them were ever seen through.

Argh. I was incredibly disappointed by this. I rated it three stars on Netflix only because I love the Yankees. Maybe I would've appreciated it more if I'd lived through it.

I geuss we'll just throw this one in the bargain bin with the likes of Tilt and that movie about Dale Earnhardt.


Prolow said...

Your forgetting maybe the most insane movie ESPN ever did, "Season on the Brink" with Brian Dennehy as Bob Knight. Its almost as entertaining as watching all those Chris Berman youtube videos. Also the ears on John Turturro were brutal. Billy Martin had some ears, but man come on espn makeup guy you can do better than that.

Anonymous said...

I own Playmakers on DVD. Wanna borrow?
Ame Gizzame