February 8, 2008

Mitt Romney: Republican Party savior?

Yesterday Mitt Romney...

Wait a second. What the hell kind of a name is Mitt? He must be a Mor-mung. His son's name is Tagg which is equally weird. His father's name is George which is a pretty normal name.

Anyways, yesterday Mitt Romney gave the Republican party a huge leg up on the Presidential election by throwing his hat out of the ring into the stands like the Rock right before delivering "The People's Elbow." That's right, Big Mitt is out of the race. Now John McCain is the Republican nominee-apparent unless Tenet can gather some support for Ron Paul by publicly announcing their endorsement. Just remember, Ron Paul is a psychopath.

This move could potentially be terrible for the Democrats. Obama v. Hillary has a long course to run before we even have any idea who will be the nominee. For the time being, McCain will be like a baseball bat-wielding maniac attacking babies in the nursery ward of an empty hospital. Totally unopposed, he will be able to bludgeon them like Rudy Giuliani bludgeoned the poor.
Conservatives hate John McCain because he's too moderate. But don't think that Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are heading to the polls and voting for Hillary Clinton. I'm hoping that this Democratic race wraps itself sooner than later because the longer it goes, the better the chances are that we'll have Republican in office for 4 more years and we'll be in Iraq for another 10. I'm all for Obama, but I'd rather see Hillary win soon than Obama win in August. I think there's a better chance for a Clinton/Obama ticket than an Obama/Clinton ticket anyways, even though I'd like Obama/Richardson the best I think.