February 13, 2008

The past few days I've watched too many movies

A Sunday followed + being home sick on a Monday = lots of movies watched.

On Sunday I watched Stand By Me. I was expecting a little more because in 10th grade Dave Deyette told me it was his favorite movie. Notwithstanding, I thought it was a good flick. Four young boys go on an adventure to find the body of a dead kid who had been hit by a train. The acting by the young stars was way ahead of their years. River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Jerry O'Connell and Will Wheaton were magnificent. John Cusack and Keifer Sutherland also have roles, and I think the face of Jack Bauer really kept me from loving this movie. I just couldn't get over the fact that even as a kid, Keifer Sutherland only played badass characters. Anyways great movie. See it.
Monday morning I watched Carlito's Way, starring Al Pacino as a Puerto Rican ex-gangster Carlito Brigante, fresh out of jail and looking to right his path and stay clean. But at every corner his past was haunting him, trying to drag him back into a life of crime. Sean Penn is terrific and nearly unrecognizable as Carlito's coke-head lawyer Dave Kleinfeld. Penelope Ann Miller plays Carlito's former lover Gail, he desperately wants what Carlito wants, a clean life free of drugs, violence and crime. One scene that reveals so much of their past and foreshadows his future involves Carlito and Gail arguing over why he has to help Dave break one of his clients out of prison. Carlito smashes the bathroom mirror with his hand. Gail helps him wipe the blood away and says, "This is the last time I clean your blood off of you." Viggo Mortnesen's very brief role was great as well. Another "See it."

I slept about 3 hours Monday afternoon and then watched Super Size Me, the documentary of Morgan Spurlock's 30 day McDonald's binge. I wanted to puke so much watching him eat all that garbage. It made a lot of points about how dastardly the food industry is (I work in it), how despicable the lobbyists are, and about how America's kids eat so poorly in school. Not to mention how fat Americans are. You can't help but cringe when the images of women's cellulite-infested asses are shown. Barf. See it.

Finally last night I watched Misery. Kathy Bates was horrifying, even more horrifying than her nude scene in About Schmidt. And that was severely fucking disturbing. Her ability to go from sweet to weird to crazy to possessed was incredible. I think I may have prayed for James Caan while I watched. And the scene where she "hobbles" him by bashing his ankles with a sledge hammer made me sweat. See it.