February 27, 2008

The way Al Pacino says "Fuck You"

It's as distinct as the smell that wafts off a computer nerd who hasn't showered in days. It's like a combination of "Fuck you," and "Fock You," and the way Al rattles it off sounds like FuuUUckk You." It's beau-tee-ful. And he always says it the same way in every movie, and he says it in every movie. God talk about a one trick pony. Guy's whole career is really based on the way he can say "fuck you."

Hearing Al Pacino say fuck you makes me want to go to the mall and buy a black Scarface T-shirt that comes down to my knees, and while I'm walking I'm definitely gonna pick up one of those photoshopped pastel psuedo-drawing portraits. That's real art man.

Anyone remember the old days of MTV cribs when Sisqo said, "You gotta have the Scarface in the DVD collection,"?


luckyhole said...

Jeff Daley prom hair. To the T.