February 4, 2008

Your favorite Super Bowl commercials

Which Super Bowl commercials were your favorites? Mine were:

The Audi ad with the scene straight out of The Godfather introducing this incredibly sexy Audi.

The Planters cashews commercial with the unibrow chick who with the cashew fetish.

A Saab commercial (possibly Audi) with a screaming squirrel, Alice Cooper, and Richard Simmons.

E-Trade had that one with this vomiting baby.And I can't forget that Victoria's Secret ad with this sexy lady.

Post your favorites here.


Vinnie said...

So many good ones have come to mind since I wrote this post. The Will Ferrell Bud Light commercial where at the end he says, "Bud Light. Suck one." The Doritos commercial where the guy waits for a mouse to come out of a hole and into his mousetrap but instead a man in a mouse costume slams through the wall.