March 26, 2008

I feel like I haven't posted in a million years

It's been a while anyways. 2 weeks. Maybe 3. It's definitely a while for me considering I was posting at least every other day.

Anyways, welcome back to the show.

Lots of things have been going on lately. I recently visited Indiana University for a tour of the department of chemistry. I liked it a lot. Enough that I might decide to go there instead of U of Georgia. The thing that really struck me was how willing Indiana's department was to have me visit on a weekend (Easter weekend at that), have professors in on Saturday for me to meet with, and find students to show me around all day. Professors from UGA won't even respond to my e-mails, and I feel like this is an indicator of what my future would be like there. IU's not bad. There's no doubt that Bloomington is a college town, even though the population is 80,000 not including college students. That's twice the size of East Hartford. Also, if I go to IU I might be able to do the North Carolina beach house thing since the semester starts a week later.

No matter where I go, my last day at this job is going to be April 25th. The day after my birthday, coincidentally. I'm going to spend the month of May getting my shit in order to move out (and without a doubt, playing a ton of golf), then at some point in June, I'm gone. I'm excited to go, but over the past year I've gotten to reconnect with so many old friends. It'll be hard to say goodbye again.

In other news, I am so close to buying a car. In fact, it could happen today, in only a few hours. A guy I know through my mechanic/ semi-uncle (father's brother's wife's brother) is at the East Windsor car auction today. There is a black 2004 Volvo s60 and a color-unknown 2005 Volvo s40, one of which could be mine by day's end. I slept with my fingers crossed because through the auction, I'd be getting either one of these cars at a steal price. I'm just real excited to upgrade from the 1991 Buick Shitbucket. (It only looks like a shitbucket. It runs well for a '91).

That's it for now. I watched a movie last night that I'm considering reviewing, but you'll have to check back later to find out what it was.