March 3, 2008

The mystery of hockey

I thought of a real conundrum of the sports world over the weekend. Isn't it ironic that ice hockey has been the retarded brother of the football, baseball, and basketball in this country forever. Yet America's single greatest sports moment (and single greatest highlight as determined in a completely valid bracket-style tournament of highlights on ESPN) is from a hockey game.

Does that seem weird to anyone besides me?

I'm referring to the 1980 winter Olympics of course. The legendary game known as the "Miracle on Ice." I wasn't even alive in 1980, but the awe associated with that game literally gave me goosebumps as I typed out those words. If you haven't seen Miracle, I think you should.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree that it is very strange that the Peck brother of pro sports got the nod for #1 highlight. Nascar is bigger than the NHL for christ's sake, at least ESPN leads me to believe that. (Thats a rant for another time). But I think the emotion of the game, and what it stood for was the ultimate kicker. I do like too that it was America beating Big Red, rather than an American team vs. an American team. I'm glad ALSO that it beat the Boise State highlight, simply because I think public proposals is one of the corniest moves in the business of life. (The band on the field should have won)