March 11, 2008

Steve McQueen invented the bucket seat

Saturday night on my way to Ryan, Rich and Mike's party I picked up Davitt. And wouldn't you know that the first thing Davitt says to me when he gets into my car is, "Steve McQueen invented the bucket seat." If anyone other than Davitt were telling me this I would've thought it was odd. But Davitt is the guy that knows those kinds of things so I've come to expect to hear interesting/bizarre bits of information whenever I'm with him. (Who knows what I'll learn during an entire weekend in Michigan.)

So to make a long story short, I was watching Jeopardy! last night like I always do. Final jeopardy came up. I don't know what the category was but the clue literally baffled me. It was something like, "This actor of the 60's didn't win an Oscar, but he was awarded a patent for inventing a racing style bucket seat."


I yelled, "Oh My God! Davitt just told me this the other day!" And of course I remembered it was Steve McQueen.

I immediately determined that this was more evidence to support the Brains-in-a-vat theory of reality. I.e. nothing is real, I'm just making it all up or someone is making it up for me by poking my brain with a stick of some sort. It reminded me of the time that I got that Bazooka Joe comic, and before I had a chance to read the fortune, Jeff snatched it away from me and read aloud, "This is not your fortune."

Why does the world play tricks on me like this?


luckyhole said...

How often do coincidences NOT happen?

That's hilarious though.