April 3, 2008

No more secrets at work

So as I mentioned, I recently gave my 3-and-a-half-weeks notice, and my last day will be April 25th (sighs in relief). Up until the other day though, I was keeping my grad school plans a secret from most of the people here out of fear that if they found out I wasn't interested in staying long term, they might find someone who was.

But now the proverbial cat is out of the bag. In many ways it's relieving, but in other ways, it's annoying. Specifically because I have to give almost everyone the same shpiel (sp?).

Them: What's this I hear about you leaving us?
Me: Well I'm going to grad school?
Them: Where?
Me: Indiana University
Them: Where is that?
Me: Bloomington
Them: What are you going to study?

And so on until I give them enough info so that they can walk away. Today alone I have done this to three or four different people. It's nice getting the attention from people who seem genuinely interested in my career decision. I think in another week everyone will know and not have to ask me any questions.