April 1, 2008

Opening Day

Who knows when Opening Day is anymore. As far as I can tell, there have been as three opening days for baseball this season. The first was on the 26th when Oakland and Boston played in Japan. The second was Sunday night, when Washington and Atlanta played in Washington's beautiful new park. And the third was yesterday, when every team was slated to be in action (there were a couple rain outs, including my Yankees). The real Opening Day is tonight, when the Yankees will be in action (or will they? It's raining here is West Haven.) against the Blue Jays. I'm actually kinda glad it got rained out yesterday because now I will be able to see the game on TV.

I love baseball season, probably more than any other sport. I know a lot of you will argue football 'til the death, and I couldn't agree more that the NFL is the most exciting pro sports league, but what can you say to refute the fact that during baseball season, you can watch your favorite team 6 nights a weeks? Personally, I am super happy that I'm going to get to watch a solid 2.5 months of Yankee baseball. I'm almost regretting having Netflix because my turnover rate will most likely go way down because I'll be watching the Yanks most nights.


Mike said...

True that. And Sam Summer Ale just went on sale. Got em