June 25, 2008

Another Post, Another Toast

I eat toast in the morning. Sometimes I eat Cheerios. Grocery shopping sucks. Just seems like I have to do it too often.

I got some hot new music recently thanks to Chadwick (not to slight Dave, who made me a mix that I have yet to listen to).

At the top of the list of recent albums are:

Metric: Grow Up and Blow Away
Chromeo: Fancy Footwork
Broken Social Scene: You Forgot It In People
The Blow: Paper Television
Wolf Parade: At Mount Zoomer
Maps & Atlases: Trees, Swallows, Houses

I'd recommend any of these to anyone that I thought would like them.

Another recommendation is the amazing HBO crime drama The Wire. The show is absolutely phenomenal. I'm through 3+ seasons now and Christ! If you haven't seen this yet, move it to the top of your list.


luckyhole said...

I might have to get some of those albs over AIM.