September 28, 2008

Burn After Reading (this post)

Saw Burn After Reading on Saturday. It was every bit as great and Coen-Brothersy as I thoguht it would be. It's hysterical. It's dark. You have to see it. Trust me.


September 23, 2008

Jaque LeMure

I'm on a pretty serious new music kick lately, especially after seeing Maps & Atlases on Wednesday and Sunset Rubdown on Sunday. Both were great shows, although Sunset Rubdown played a whole bunch of songs I didn't know, despite being intimately familiar with their two most recent LPs, and The Maps & Atlases show was empty more or less.

Happymatic is an album by Hilotrons that I've been listening to almost every day for the past week or so. They're from Canada. If you liked the most recent Of Montreal (er, well not the most recent anymore but previously the most recent, Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer) you need to find this album now.

This brings me to Skeletal Lamping, the new release/not yet actually released album by Of Montreal. It's weird and crazy and zany and everything that Of Montreal never was before Satanic Panic in The Attic. Get it.

A few other albums warranting much less discussion: The Walkmen released a new album that is pretty decent. Same with Arctic Monkeys. Right now I'm listening to Lunglihgt [sic] by The Shaky Hands for the first time and I'm digging it.


September 3, 2008

Movies I need to see

1. The Dark Knight. I don't deserve to live without seeing this movie, although I never saw Batman Begins. Something about the Joker being in this one though. I was really close to seeing it on Opening Night but the theater was sold out 2 hours before the show I wanted to go to.

2. Pineapple Express. Got to. I love Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow (did he even produce on this movie)

3. Vickie Christina Barcelona. Looks hot plus in the past year Woody Allen has surged to my top 5 filmmakers of all time. Also how can you not want to see Javier Bardem playing the exact opposite role of the one he's known for?

4. Burn After Reading. Coen Brothers. Clooney. Pitt. Malkovich (Fucking Malkovich!) Tilda Swinton. Frances McDormand. 'Nuff said.

I'm also intrigued by the DeNiro/ Pacino flick coming out (the name escapes me), as well as the Ridley Scott-directed, Leo/ Russel Crowe pic. They look good. Don't you just love Oscar season?


Sports Center Live? Bullshit

What's the deal with Sports Center Live? Biggest crock of shit I've ver heard of. I don't really see how this is somehow better than what we were already getting. Seems to me like another way for ESPN to talk about bullshit and sponsors instead of sports.